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Monday, February 8, 2016

UID Umea University of Design my experience!

Transportation Design Master students with Demian Horst & Luciano Bove

Dear friends,

as you might already know last week I spent two fantastic days at UID Umea University of Design invited by the rector Demian Horst (in the photo with me and the students).

This time my lectures have been two divided into two sessions (morning and afternoon). The first one was an introduction about me and my career as car designer from school time to today and the second one was focused on design management and design project strategies. My objective was to show the romantic side of becoming a car designer, its adventure between nice and bad times. However in the afternoon I really wanted to talk about design management and the strategies we could apply to defend design projects until production comes. (through all Design project development).

We also had a portfolio review that lasted until morning after before I took a taxi to fly back home. Watching all portfolio on a single interview base was nice because gave us the opportunity to reason about what is working and what is not working. Before leaving the school I had 30 minutes to talk about how to prepare a portfolio to get a job. Lots of good questions and feedbacks.

UID - Umea University of Design is becoming an excellent Design Education institution in Europe with their well planned Masters in Design (several disciplines other than Transportation and Industrial Design), the school has great facilities and labs, good sponsors and internship program. It is a Public School so European I believe do not pay a tuition (probably some taxes), non European students have to pay a tuition but do not ask me how much because I do not know.
The staff (teachers and school managers) are really serious about students life and hard enough on them to obtain good quality and engagement by same students. There is an entry selection for admission and this is good news!

 Luciano Bove

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Luciano Bove interviewed by

Renault R&D (LCI) Design Studio (Image via

Dear friends,

Recently I have been interviewed by Aysar Ghassan Coventry University Design professor and writer.
The subject was the key word "Authenticity" seen by a Car Design point of view.
For those interested you can find full article clicking : Luciano Bove's interview by Artsthread



Monday, January 25, 2016

Going to Design School - article Pt3 at CDN

Image via

Dear friends,

on (CDN) my Part 3 article about How to Become a Car Designer has been published.

This time we talk about your time at Design School. To read full article please click:

Going to Design School!



Saturday, January 23, 2016

Car design is: starting from scratch or from a technical base?

Renault Twizy early prototype
Dear friends,

today I decided to write about a subject to which I am very attached: the meaning of Car Design!
I do it because in internet, via several Social Medias (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook...), I read several times a sort of article saying that "...this is real Car Design starting an amazing project from scratch and I am lucky to do it because this is the reason I went to school for and today I am paid for..."!

Since I am a car designer and design manager with over 26 years of experience and I consider myself (maybe I am wrong but I do not care) a design educator, too... I'll tell you again how I feel about the meaning of doing Car Design.

In other words the question is: (car) Design is creating from nothing or taking into consideration all hard-points related to technology, cost, complexity, production, ergonomics, functionality at so on?

First important message to all of you is: Hard-points on a given project (technical or costs problems) are the great opportunity to create Design because "To Design" is not "To Style".

To Design something means to make a project  to make sure to elaborate, modify technically, costs control & timing control of that project with  an optimized and functional synthesis of which the result we will call project Design.
Form follows function! I would like to add the word "emotion", too. (simply because it is the Design philosophy I like).

Instead, the risk we run into when we make a project from nothing reinventing everything as we prefer and like will give us a perfect "school project" which remains a nice  styling exercise well fitted for any design school activity (students show with it their skills not their project skills because they do not have any experience in the real design world yet... and it is normal and accepted).

Second important message to all of you is: to Design a car (or any products) is a lot more complex than what you might think!

So in conclusion my opinion is: To Design a car is a series of complicated aspects that have to be digested by the team. Designers must work their skills with creative proposals that fit and help the project problem solving (taking all those aspects into consideration during the project evolution is a sign of designer professional maturity Vs spoiled frustrated stylist artists always crying).

Design managers are those that with the same professional maturity will work to make the right synthesis which means applying the right project management strategy for a win win negotiation to bring the project to life respecting: Design, Costs, Quality & Timing.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Giorgetto Giugiaro soon to be The President of Transportation Design Dept. at IAAD Turin school!

This is one of those news that bring happiness to our hearts!

Yes, Giugiaro The Maestro soon (not yet appointed) should become the first Transportation Design Dept. President at the IAAD School in Torino
Laura Milani, school director, will announce next Thursday during a ceremony with several guests from the automobile Design world and not only.
Personally I am very happy, bravo to IAAD design school for accomplishing this ambitious project.

When I started to teach in Turin at IAAD and later on at IED I used to ask myself why Giugiaro and the other celeb design studios were not involved with Design took a while to convince some of them to participate to the design school project.

Giugiaro's Presidency can only bring good things for the future of Transportation Design Education in IAAD and Turin.



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