Friday, July 3, 2015

Giorgetto Giugiaro "il Maestro" retires from Italdesign.

Giorgetto Giugiaro photo by Paolo Bernardi

Dear friends,

By now everybody read the breaking news in Cardesign world: The « Maestro » Giorgetto Giugiaro definitively retires from Italdesign his creature created in 1968 with Aldo Mantovani. Giugiaro sold the left 9,9% of Italdesign shares to VW and quits the company with his son Fabrizio.

I decided to write few lines about our Design legend because almost all of us have been inspired and probably became better designers looking at his work and successful designed cars and concepts.
It is my case.

I started to be passionate about car design reading on auto magazines articles about him (late 70’s), I was a kid sketching “potatoes on wheels” and sending my sketches to the same magazine hoping to get a publication.
When I decided to tell my family I wanted to change university to study car design in 1983 I used Giorgetto Giugiaro’s example to show that it was a real profession (having my father very skeptical).

When I visited my first Torino Auto Show in 1990 as professional young designer, I went first on the Italdesign stand  to meet him to thank him for the example he was for me and how indirectly he helped me to achieve my dream.

When I worked as designer and design manager on my first baby “Fiat Seicento” 1994 I had the pleasure to follow the production development at Italdesign for 6 months working in Italdesign for Fiat and having Giugiaro coming late in the evening to see how my master model was progressing exchanging about design philosophy with him.

Great learning times (and sometimes my father did not believe me ;) ).
When the Fiat Seicento was ready he told me: Congratulations Bove! I wouldn’t have designed it this way but I like it!

Respect for the man, respect for someone that showed us how to design and most of all how to work with engineers in order to make architecture innovation (I assisted at meetings with him defending his ideas, my hero!)

It was not just a great designer, he was a great design manager and also very human with his employees. I know I know, he would often scream to people (strong character), however few minutes later he was very kind and smiling as usual. If you believe in something you propose, you go for it!
He showed how to love with passion and full dedication a very strange, mysterious and difficult job.

Dear “Maestro” I want to say to you: THANK YOU!

With affection,
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The final Transportation Design Presentation: some tips.

Image by

Close to final presentations

We are close to june and july months dedicated to final presentations, exams and portfolio's reviews. many of you are tired phisically and in the head, you still have to complete your renderings, final drawings, finish models, prepare final presentation area. For those that are ready to get a diploma there is also the final portfolio to prepare in order to be ready for job or internships interviews. Its quite a lot of stuff all together in such short time, isn't it? How do we do to perform correctly without making a mess of it? Yes this is the most under pressure period of your school time and to overcome it you need to be concentrated on few things that I'll list for you here.

 Remember you are doing this for yourself and your future,you can't give up now!

-You must try to eat regularly and light, you need your mental capacities always fresh and ready to help you.
-It is useless to stress yourself without getting enough sleep, a minimum of 5 hours sleep per night is a must.
-You have 2 key words: Content and Quality , do not forget them! (If it is necessary to redo some of your better do it!)
-Presentation speech, find time (a couple of days) to write down on paper the order of your arguments to tell during your final presentations and PRACTICE it untill you feel good with it in your head.
You will have an Introduction, a body of your topic, and a conclusion. When you will be presenting be open to your audience. Look at their eyes, smile, comunicate with your body to help yourself (however do not look like a clown). It is important that you do not look only at your drawings, people are there to listen to you so do not forget them. Make sure you have the right drawings order, your presentation has to make sense and you have to bring people attention following your communication strategy.

 Good luck!
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The top side perspective car sketch tutorial by Luciano Bove

Sketch by Luciano Bove
Dear friends,

since I started to make few video tutorial on Youtube for you here my latest one about how to draw quickly a car using the Tip-Up or Top View Perspective.

Why this view? Because with this perspective we can see all side view and also the top view of our design proposal, at the same time we can also understand how the car is in its volume and shapes.

This perspective is one of my favourite, it gives the opportunity to model your car while you draw it. You can make a nice evolution between the front side fender and the engine hood of your car design. You can reason innterms of sections and later in terms of shading them, this way you can see the volume design of your car coming alive. Of course, same thing for the rear part.
Another simple thing which helps a lot you beginners is: the fact that you basically start from a compressed Side View and you turn it into a perspective view. This drawing construction approach helps to make things look and feel easier.
Mastering this technique and perspective opens up incredible drawing scenarios to implement and make our illustration better and less ordinary.
So my advice is to learn how to do it, make it many times and check out also some other designer's drawings done with the same perspective to see how their creativity helped them to make amazing car renderings.


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Monday, May 25, 2015

How to become a Car Designer, some tips by Luciano Bove

Dear friends,

lately I keep on receiving, via FB pages or messanger or email, the same question: please could you explain how I can become a Car designer like you?

I had the pleasure to be interviewed about my personal story few years ago and you can find the article by clicking: Luciano Bove's story
also this other post: Luciano Bove car designer.

However if you keep on asking it means since my interviews you are many more to follow me and you are younger too! :)

So I decided to make this short video for all of you hoping that it will be appreciated and SHARED on your FB pages Twitter's account at so on! OK?

Thank you!

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Car rendering Photoshop tutorial

Illustration by yasiDESIGN
Dear friends,

cool sketch right? It is work of Yasid Design, it is a good Photoshop sample for me so I wanted to show it and also tell you that you can find full tutorial of it by clicking: yasiDESIGN Photoshop tutorial video!

Have fun and learn :)

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