Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Great Car Sketch Books

Dear friends,

some of you via Facebook or via email ask me what type of books or other references to buy in order to improve in drawing cars before getting to design school. It is quite a good question that deserves a good answer to make sure not to loose money but spend it well, objectif is get the right references to learn by yourself getting an advantage before starting your design school course.
So here some books I selected for you according to Sketching (how to start to sketch a car or a product), Rendering & Illustration techniques.
How to Draw Cars Now by Driven Mavens is the latest excellent DVD by this author, here with him you will see the great drawing and rendering techniques I love the most. True way to take your pencils and markers and chalks to make unbelievable car sketches and drawing, you will learn step by step how to do and thanks to the DVD format you can replay back to make sure you understood correctly how to do. This is a good one!

H-Point 1 and H-Point 2 is a great book to learn fundamentals of drawing cars, it is about proportions and packaging, line drawing quality, basic drawing exercises to be able to sketch first car shapes.
The book has been done by some Art Center College of Design school teachers and designer professionals like Geoff Wardle, Stuart Macey, Ralph Gilles, Freeman Thomas, Gordon Murray.
To me this book is a must to have!
Sketching The Basics is a book that explanes how to sketch properly products & cars, the book has been written by Roselien Steur and Koos Eissen (UMEA University Sweden and Delft University of Technology ).
This book is important because shows how to use perspective and drawing basic techniques to draw simple and complex shapes. In this book also first rules to use color like simple shadings and markers.

This book is a very popular one How to Draw Cars like a Pro written by Ian Callum and Ryan Borroff, Tony Lewin. In this book you will also find some fundamentals but rather about Design, nice photos of some celeb Concept Cars with their designers and design strategy philosophy about how to make a design project from sketches to concept prototype.

This book I Draw Cars Sketchbook ; Reference Guide is very important to check because it also has all sort of sketches to explane simple exercises to learn how to draw and sketch cars.
The author Matt Marrocco is a professional designer very famous on the net specially on Facebook look for him on FB, too!

Cosmic Motors by Daniel Simon is a must for all those that love rendering illustration digital art, Daniel Simon is the new Syd Mead.
This is the book in which you will discover the science fiction art & design world with lots of car designs, very exciting book super well done and a great guide for those addicted to digital art.

How to Draw & How to Render by Scot Robertson is a must to have to learn how to draw about anything following the right method.
Scot Robertson is a real master design educator very famous for his workshops, lectures and tutorial books.

I guess I wrote about some important books (and one DVD) to guide us in the learning process of sketching cars, it is important to buy some of those books specially for those that do not go to a design school.
For example all students of engineering universities dreaming to go for a Transportation Design Master after their University.
With the right book and a lot of exercise you can catch up and improve.
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Design project presentation: graphic content & design must match!

Project presentation sample by Victor Uribe Chacon
Dear friends,

this past week I was involved with two design schools presentations. The first one via Skype because I could not be for that date in the school and it was about a degree final. The second one was a real midterm sponsored project review in school with two student teams presenting to me a colleague of mines and their teacher.

Two different schools based in different countries.

Today my message to all of you is: Graphic content and Design content must match! 

Are you alone with your presentation in front of an audience or are you in a team of 3 or 5 you have the same responsibilities in making sure that what you say is perfectly cohesive with your design development and final choices.

The oral development is what you will tell.

Your story, scenario, telling is developed by an objective to accomplish. That is your first strong message...straight, simple and clear. 

"Good morning I am here today to present to you a new mobility system to solve future traffic problems."


"Due to strong social changes here an answer to tomorrow in town mobility & infrastructure"

In both cases it is clear what we will discover in that presentation it is your "strong message". You will start with your benchmarking studies, some statistic facts and some photos illustrating today's unsolved problems...then you will start talking about your design project development starting from few samples of your brainstorming to arrive naturally to your final design renderings, models,scenarios etc etc

This is your "body" the part during which you will explain how you reason and how with your talent and creativity you try to give an answer to the given project breafing.

Your body has to be short because generally people after few minutes of explanation start sleeping or loosing attention and of course you do not want that happening to you! So short and clear, you must have an outstanding graphic skills presentation to capture their attention on your drawings and design.

So, after this part, we get to the end which will re-talk about your introduction message to reinforce your message..at the end of any presentation generally people wake up so they will be there to get the end. It will be your "strong conclusion".

The Graphic and design/drawings what they see.

The oral and the graphic must match because the message must be the same and make everybody happy eliminating doubts or uncomfortable critics or disagreements. If you talk about a "simple design elements to show a light perceived design expression" you will never show a single sketch or renderings with complicated and tortured volumes or tons of little details because you liked that drawing!

Your Visual Communication also has to be simple and clear (how you will organize your slides or boards).

Remember you have to assume responsability for what you put up on the wall, from that moment it is you, your project against your audience. You must win, you want all clapping hands at the end complimenting with you...to obtain that the magic word is "cohesiveness".Before deciding what is in your presentation take the time with honesty to check many times the content of your slides or printed boards, check the order, do everything you can to make sure that when you will attack with your intro to go to your body and finish with your conclusion everything will be just fine.

Good luck!

Please visit designer Victor Uribe Chacon's blog for great samples to follow.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mondial de l'Automobile 2014 photos by Daniele Madia - pure Design experience

Renault EOLAB Concept - photo by Daniele Madia
Dear friends,

how many of you had the opportunity to go visit last Mondial de l'Automobile de Paris 2014? I know not many and even when we have that great chance to go we visit during public days which means lots of people and difficulty to see and admire our favorite cars.

It is not my case because we visit during Press days and we do have the chance to get in and out of those beautiful cars.

However I have a very good Italian friend who is a professional photographer and in love with car Design, he is also official photographer on F1 circuits. He is Daniele Madia.

Daniele made a series of incredible beautiful pictures about all cars present at the show and of course by his expert eyes it is very emotional to see what he saw!

So please go to his website and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Click: DaniPhotoDesign Paris Auto Show 2014 and enjoy the show ;)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to school do not forget to...few tips for you.

Dear friends,

here we are ready to go back to school...to design school! For this reason here few tips for you to help you on a excellent start!

Please read click: Back to school!


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Just received a nice present...

Auto Start magazine Croatia - LB Interview
Today I received a package from Croatia and when I opened it I was happily surprised: it was the Auto start croatian magazine featuring my last interview when I was there for a conference late April.
This beautiful present was sent to me by Jakov a 13 years old boy to whom I made a sketch demo explaining how to prepare for a designer school career.

Very happy to receive this present, thank you Jakov!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to draw ellipses tutorial by Luciano Bove

Sketch tutorial by Luciano Bove
Dear friends,

I keep on receiving requests of help from some of you about how to draw correctly wheels on your car sketches in perspective using ellises...so I decided to make a video tutorial in which I draw car sketches and wheels using my simple method.

Please if you are interested to see my tutorial click: How to draw ellipses in our Car Sketches

Thank you for watching!

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Marker Car Sketch tutorial by Luciano Bove

Dear friends, a new tutorial this time to show a very simple use of few markers to improve your quick car sketch presentation. I used a black color for shadow and glass reflection, a Cool Gray #1 for body color reflections and a Cool Gray #3 fro plastic rocker lower parts on front and rear bumpers and side skirt. I used several time the Cool Gray #1 marker on the same surface just to get a degraded shading effect and I did the same thing for the plastic parts with the Cool Gray #3 marker. You can see this on the video. Enjoy and thanks for watching! -2006-2012 Http://lucianobove.blogspot.com All Rights Reserved

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Car sketch video tutorial by Luciano Bove

Dear friends, another video tutorial about a quick and simple side view car sketch. This time I draw a citycar with funny proportions a rather vertical car with a big glass side door. In the middle of the door a plastique protective pannel with which we can immagine an internal fonctional element. Check out the video below and thanks for watching! 2006-2012 Http://lucianobove.blogspot.com All Rights Reserved

Friday, June 6, 2014

Drawing a basic form and sections tutorial by Arvind Ramkrishna

In this video tutorial my friend Arvind Ramkrishna gives a great example about basic forms and volume sections drawing. It is great for beginners. - 2006-2012 Http://lucianobove.blogspot.com All Rights Reserved

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Luciano Bove at TEDxCrocetta Video

Luciano Bove TEDxCrocetta Speech Photo by Davide D'Ambra
Dear friends,

as you know I had the chance to be one of TEDxCrocetta's speakers at the last event organized in Turin at Teatro Gobetti.
It has been a great experience and yesterday I wrote an article to describe this impressive experience.

To read please click: TEDxCrocetta Luciano Bove

Soon the video on Youtube

Thank you!

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