LB Sketching reference Ebook

LB Sketching reference Ebook
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Car design sketching: proportions.

When we sketch a car or an object we always look for good proportion attitude. Good proportions is the most important element when we start a project, there are several ways to obtain good proportions one of them is "positive and negative spaces" balance.
What do I mean by that? Lets look at this series of sketches made by Alexandr Syachinov from MAMI International university in Moscow. In this sketch he is playing with the black forms against the light bleu/green ones, those forms together generate different car shapes.
It is the right balance between the positive (body light blu/green shape) and the negative (dark glass areas) shapes that give the right proportions to our car shapes.
How do we try this technique? It is simple, when you have done your line sketch than use a black marker for the windows/ wheels + bumpers or plastic colored parts. Now use a different light color for the car body and see if there is balance between the 2 colored shapes...just like in Alexandr's sketch.

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