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Car interior sketch

 I saw this sketch on Facebook published by Michele Leonello (ex Alfa Romeo designer and a friend). I find this sketch very good because it has a great perspective and composition, its coloring is light and the sections added give us a good perception of proportions and real volumes. The details give realism to the design and the sketch becomes very credible. It is a good work, an example for all of you. try to copy it and add your own design.

To see other good sketches click Michele Leonello Facebook sketches.

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  • Frank Smout Images
    July 18, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Ciao Luciano,
    Je suis entrain de tester cette plate-forme pour éventuellement faire migrer mon blog vers Blogspot.
    J'ai un problème, mes photos s'affichent sur une largeur de 400 pixels, quand dans le code html je met sur 600px alors la photo devient floue. Comment fais-tu pour avoir de grandes photos nets ? Voici actuellement le blog avec des photos à 500px.
    Sono fotografie su Verona una città che mi piace moltissimo !
    A presto,
    PS Mon blog sur un fournisseur belge:

  • Eric
    December 16, 2010 at 4:17 am

    I admire cars with good interiors. I always dream of having a car that would definitely amaze my passengers. I'm just 19 and I found my first car in Anaheim. Used cars, it may seem, yet I try to put a little touch when it comes to my interior. The last time I visit Huntington Beach, used cars were all parked at a street and I can't help but check the interiors. I made a lot of friends back then, who also like you admires Luciano Bove's design. Until now, I'm still in love with his famous Bertone Stratos Zero 1970.

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