LB Sketching reference Ebook

LB Sketching reference Ebook
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Supercar design proposal by Scott Weibnicht

By Scott Weibnicht - ACCD
Scott Weibnicht is an Art Center College of Design student currently intern at the Advance design GM studio.
He recently published this Supercar sport coupé illustration on ACCD trans sketch off FB page , when I saw it I loved it at once!

This rendering has a lot to teach us:

Its Design: this topic is very subjective for me it rocks, it is new  and elegant with lots of character.

Proportions: dosed very well, long front over-hang and short rear one, low car but still believable

3D body sculpture: super nice, the inclinated center bone line gives stability and direction to the all car body while other softer surfaces give sexyness and harmony to car's design

Body graphics: unique! New and also well coordinated with all other lines and body change

Rendering : extremely well done with a great use of warm and cool areas and a nice focal point.



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