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Message to all Design School Students

IED Turin Italy - Riccardo Balbo school director welcomes news students

IED Turin Italy – Riccardo Balbo school director welcomes new students

October is the month, during which, many Design Schools and Universities open their doors to start a new academic year.

There are the fresh new young students dreaming to start finally they beloved Design training experience, those that have to continue their courses (the ones in the middle of their journey), and those that at the end of this year will just finish school to start a new adventure getting a real designer job.

My advice to all design students is to work hard with strong sense of responsibility. Remember why you are there, stay concentrate on your objectives, you are in a magical place that will help you to get out the best of your skills, talent, and determination to become a designer.

Listen to your teachers, however move on and also listen to your heart. Be respectful, but be competitive, don’t give up learning by your mistakes.

You choose a very special professional career and also a vary rare one so work your ass off to hope you will deserve a place in a design studio somewhere some day in your life.

I wish you all the best!



Ilegalwatches the new Luxury Design for your Wrist

When my friend Serge Cosenza , car designer at Renault Design, told me he was working on a new wrist watch design I thought he was crazy. Serge told me he was going to make a sort of Start-Up company to promote his product designed and realized by him all Made in France. I thought he probably needed a doctor and fast!

Well you know what? I was wrong, he was really serious to the point he accomplished his mission: to design, built and sell his wristwatch he called Ilegal Paris!

This is an incredible beautiful story, a designer that for several years thinks how to produce and sell his own designed watches. Working from early sketches to assembly process, from materials to marketing and promotional activities. A lot of hard work made by him and few more.

In the photo you can see one of the available designs, so please visit the website by clicking Ilegal Watches Paris and discover more about Serge Cosenza and his creations.


Klever Mobility Taiwan Electric bike – Red Dot Design Award 2013

Klever Mobility is the new electric bicycle brand of established scooter manufacturer KYMCO. 
Klever‘s first model, the S25 has now won the prestigious red dot design award for product design.

: biggest red dot jury of all time assesses 4,662 products
: S25 Klever Mobility pedelec receives red dot award: product design in time for market entry
: designer Adriana Monk who designed for Jaguar and others is delighted to win the red dot award with her first electric bicycle design ever (from Red Dot Design site)

Dear friends,

I am very happy about this news because I know well Adriana Monk she is first of all an excellent designer and also an ex student of mine back at Art Center Europe saturday class times.

Check their blog here with all conceptual sketches to final running product:

Klever Mobility Taiwan Electric bike


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Bycicle helmet Illustration by Luciano Bove ACCD

Dear friends,

yesterday I went to check all my old sketches and art works from school times untill today and I decided starting today to post about some of my Art Center College of Design art works and also about other sketches and illustrations like when I was in Fiat and teaching at design schools.

Here the first one.
It is about a bycicle helmet illustration done with mixed media, I remember the assignement was about choosing a bycicle company or brand (Peugeot in my case) and make a benchmark about its products and design philosophy. Then design a bycicle helmet for the choosen brand and make a final rendering or illustration of it.

My Peugeot bycicle helmet had a very aero and simple elegant shape, a nice red Ferrari glossy color and to make the illustration I decided to:

-use a cold medium gray Canson paper
-Chartpak markers
-chalk with no use of spray fixative to make sure the cream light color would be saturated and look shiny, application of chalck straight on paper and with my fingers to saturate color.
-white gauche for final highlights
-color pencils for some details

It was 1988!

Design Education

Mutewatch a new essential design concept

A new watch concept arrives from Sweden, a group of young swedesh projected a new gadget for a new electronic lifestyle: Mutewatch!

It is a new watch that follows a bit the “low design” concept, to be essential and simple with an easy technology and good tasty design.

The Mutewatch price is 199€ to see how it works and how to make an order go to Mutewatch website for extra info. Click Mutewatch.

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